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Office carpet cleaning & Office floor cleaning

Office carpet cleaning & floor cleaning

Office Carpet Floor Cleaning London


Office Carpet£2/ m2

Dear customers and our regular friends, keep in mind if you want us to provide with the professional and cleaning tools you need, such as vacuum cleaner, mop, professional microfibres clothes and other cleaning products/detergents.
When you making a reservation at the beginning, please discuss it with our call operators.

Regular – Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services

Regular Office Cleaning London

The keen maintenance of perfect office hygiene creates a positive feeling for every visitor, employee, client. Purity is a state of habitat that penetrates into the psyche, shapes attitudes, determines relationships, influences decisions, creates positive emotions, implies conditions for the company to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. To do this, you need a professional cleaning company, VIP Cleaning London, for office cleaning.

As a professional company with years of experience in the field of cleaning services, we are able to work with a wide range of services to suit every budget. And for companies that want exceptional service – we offer a lightning response and emergency cleaning calls. Our services have benefited many companies and organizations such as banks, financial institutions, law firms, media corporations and many more …

Office cleaning

When you keep an engagement in office cleaning, we traditionally take into account the individual requirements of each individual customer. We realize that in our work the big result is measured with the brilliant of the small detail and we approach with delicate care and focused attention to every element on the territory of the treated site. Our priorities are corporate security and quality control of the service provided at each stage of the cleaning process. One- off office cleaning service is suitable for small businesses with low pollution, rarely occupied rooms or limited budget companies.

Regular Office Cleaning London

One-off cleaning includes the most often used office places, such as:

  • Cleaning and polishing of all desks, tables, chairs, printers, computer equipment, telephones, showcases, shelves, advertising panels, lighting fixtures and internal boards
  • Cleaning and polishing all pictures, spotlights
  • Cleaning of frames, sills, windows / inside / but if you want Window Cleaning / Outside / please contact our consultants or Window Cleaning
  • Washing of sofas
  • Cleaning leather sofas with a damp cloth
  • If you want to clean your soft furniture you may contact our consultants or Upholstery Cleaning
  • Removing dust from lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Hover and mop – but do not forget we also offer Carpet Steam Cleaning for your Office Carpet Office Carpet Cleaning


  • polishing and cleaning office cabinets, racks, shelves
  • cleaning kitchen cabinets from outside and inside
  • cleaning and removing limestone and disinfection of the sink
  • microwave cleaning / outside and inside /
  • Dishwasher cleaning / Outside and inside/
  • washing and polishing glasses, plates, utensils
  • cleaning a coffee maker and a coffee pot
  • Replace the plastic bags of all bins
  • mop and hoover

WC and toilets

  • Deep cleaning of the toilet and lid and limescale removal and disinfection
  • Clear scrub
  • Vacuuming of a ventilation system
  • Changing and loading paper
  • Polishing a hand dryer
  • Cleaning and refilling soap mixers
  • Cleaning and polishing of mirrors

Regular – Subscription Office Cleaning

Daily office cleaning ensures that your company’s premises have a high degree of hygiene, and your employees, customers and guests live in a clean and safe work environment. Our regular cleaners are well trained in all aspects of work, personal hygiene, health and safety.

Cleaning of offices is done outside of your working hours, taking into account all your individual requirements and criteria. “The cleaning process is supervised by supervisors who have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in a leading position in our company. Cleaners, equipment and detergents are sertified for safety and protection of the environment.

The following activities are performed during the daily cleaning of the office:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping of floor coverings
  • Wash hard floors and skirting boards with a professional detergent
  • Exchange and loading dispensary
  • Coffee machine / microwave cleaning
  • Washing utensils, cups, plates
  • Washing of windows, window frames and doors
  • Wiping dust from office furniture and equipment
  • Collection and disposal of waste from the working process
  • Disinfection, aromatization and refilling of sanitary supplies

Increased attention to the entrance to the office

Other negotiable activities.

How we work

For the cleaning processes in the offices, we make a inspection, carry out a hygienic inspection and produce an individual hygienic and sanitary plan for the performance of the service according to the specific features of the property  – type of activity, number of employees, type, quantity and composition of the required and acceptable cleaning agents. Based on the specialized hygienic sanitary plan of the site, we prepare individual hygiene plans for each hygienist. “Through an established quality control and management system we guarantee maximum efficiency of each hygienist by the operating staff of each particular site.

Our advantages:

  • Flexible booking options
  • A visit to festive/holiday days and official days
  • Cleaning materials and disinfectants conform to you but can be ordered
  • A visit every day, once a week or once a month
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction
  • Competitive prices


Office Cleaning is done by professional and skilled teams to achieve the best possible results. The service is hourly and is paid depending on the number of visits:

One off Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
After Builder's Cleaning
Regular Cleaning

Dear customers and our regular friends, keep in mind if you want us to provide with the professional and cleaning tools you need, such as vacuum cleaner, mop, professional microfibres clothes and other cleaning products/detergents.
When you making a reservation at the beginning, please discuss it with our call operators.

The cleaning time varies from a great number of factors, but the main ones are:

  • The size of the rooms
  • Complete Cleaning
  • Priority Cleaning
  • Furnished or unfurnished

“We also offer flexible price packages and discounts for regular customers. Contact us to get a good deal!

Windows Cleaning

Office windows cleaning

Office Windows CLeaning London


Windows Cleaning£2/m2
Min charge £50

Dear customers and our regular friends, keep in mind if you want us to provide with the professional and cleaning tools you need, such as vacuum cleaner, mop, professional microfibres clothes and other cleaning products/detergents.
When you making a reservation at the beginning, please discuss it with our call operators.

Bathroom Cleaning

Toilet & Bathroom Cleaning Services

Bathroom impurity - bathroom cleaning
Toilet Seat
Toilet Seat
Toilet seat 2
Toilet seat cleaning before after picture 2
Toilet seat 2
Toilet seat 3
Toilet Seat cleaning before after
Toilet seat 3
Shower faucet cleaning before after
Shower faucet 2
Shower faucet cleaning London before after
Shower faucet 2
6 sink
Cleaning bathroom sink before after
6 sink
Bathtub before after cleaning
7 shower cabin
Shower cabin cleaning the glass and tiles
7 shower cabin
9 showe cabin
Shower cabin cleaning before and after
9 showe cabin
10 shower cabin
Another view of bathroom cleaning the shower cabin
10 shower cabin
11 Tiles
Cleaning the tiles in the bath
11 Tiles
12 faucet
Another shower faucet cleaning
12 faucet
13 urinals
Cleaning Urinals
13 urinals
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Deep Bathroom Cleaning Service near me London including professional cleaning of lamescale, mold and disinfection. Our Local Bathroom Cleaner clean:

  • Deep Toilet Cleaning
  • Office Toilet Cleaning
  • Disabled Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning
  • Bathtub Deep Cleaning
  • Shower Room Deep Cleaning
  • Bathroom Tile Cleaning
  • Washroom Services


Bathrooms and toilets in a household or commercial establishment are the most commonly used sanitary facilities. It is not by chance that this sanitary room needs very careful, professional and deep cleaning. Everyday use creates an environment for the development of bacterias, microbes, mold, limescale that accumulate on all surfaces.
All of this could seriously endanger your health! We from VIP Cleaning London offer you a professional decision about your bathroom and toilet. You can always hire one of our professionally trained teams.
They will come to your place wherever you are: In your family home, a commercial enterprise, a pub, a restaurant or a coffee shop to make Deep Bathroom Cleaning. We will be fully removed all kinds of dirts, will be desperate mold from every covering and corner, will be disinfecting all parts of your room, will be treating Deep Shower Glass Panel, Deep Shower Room, Deep Clean Bathtub, Deep Clean Ceramic tiles, Deep remove limscale a Toilet, Clean a Shower Curtain, Lines and Shower Curtain Ring and another additional parts in your bathroom

VIP Toilet Cleaner during process of cleaning in London

Dear ladies and gentlemen, now we will give you an idea that your halves don’t need to understand 😉 . Just call our phone 02071938444 and we will quietly do what is our commitment, then you can say that this perfectly cleaned bathroom is a result of your efforts. This will allow you to do your favorite things while we perfectly do the commitment got.

Watch our video of bathroom cleaning – before / after

London - Bahroom Cleaning
London Toilet Cleaning
London Bathroom Accessories Cleaning

What our Bathroom Cleaners will be cleaning:

  • deep cleaning, removing the lame scale, mold, dirts and disinfecting inside, outside and behind of the toilets
  • cleaning, removing all stains from urine, polishing and disinfecting of hood of the loo
  • cleaning, removing of the lamescale, dirts and deep disinfecting of water faucet
  • deep cleaning, removing if the lame scale, dirts from the sink inside/outside and disinfecting
  • polishing of the mirror and glass doors from dirts, lame scales, shampoo and toothpaste
  • deep cleaning of the all tiles from mold, lime scale, shampoo and disinfecting
  • full cleaning of the shower cabin, fugues of tiles, inside /outside of all profiles, removing of all dirts, lame scales and disinfecting
  • entire cleaning of the bath tub inside /outside, removing the lame scale, dirt, shampoo stains soap, polishing and disinfecting
  • cleaning the fan/ventilator ,removing dusts and polishing
  • cleaning and disinfecting of the skirting boards
  • inside cleaning of the door
  • windows and windows frames inside cleaning
  • hoovering the floor
  • mopping the floor


Toilet Deep Cleaning Services -VIP Cleaning London
Toilet Deep Cleaning Service

Toilets in one household or a commercial establishment are always one of the frequently used rooms.
Every day you do what you don’t have to do, you buy an infinite number of different detergents and disinfectants. But they can’t remove the germs, the yellow and black spots, the limescale in the internal and outer parts of the toilet, the lid and the toilet tank.
Dear friends, do you know that your toilet is the most place and an environment for the development of countless numbers of bacteria, microbes, mold, limestone that accumulates on all inner sides and surfaces.
And do you know that all this could seriously endanger the health of you and your loved ones person?
We from VIP Cleaning London offer you Proffesional Toilet Cleaning Services in all of London postcodes. You can always hire one of our professionally trained mobile teams. They will come to your place wherever you are:

  • in your family home
  • commercial building
  • pub
  • restaurant
  • school
  • medical Centre To make Deep Cleaning Services

Our toilet cleaners will remove without any problem, any kind of dirt, remove any kind of mold, limestone, 100% of the edge of the internal and outer parts of your toilet. We will disinfect all parts of the washroom, holders, arms, outside and inside, as well as the toilet lid on both sides and not least the water tank of the outside. Our toilet cleaners are cleaning all kinds:

  • standard toilets
  • disabled public toilet
  • public toilets
  • communal toilet
  • eko toilet
  • commercial toilet
  • all kinds of toilets for sports facilities, commercial
  • building and private homes

We are the really one, the biggest company that offers Daily Toilet Cleaning Services , Regular Toilet Cleaning and Deep Toilet Cleaning in every parts in whole London.


VIP Cleaning London - Deep Bathtub Cleaning Service
Deep Bathub Cleaning Service

After long hours of work, the people can look forward to leaving all the work issues outside of your family home. You take a glass of wine and put hot water in your Bathtub and dive in peace and relaxation.
But with everyday use of your Bathtube, with each passing day, it starts bashing limescale on a shower head, pouring out of shampoo, mold, pouring of hair on the screen and bacteria all the outside and inside.
You don’t have enough time and you’ve never seen how it cleans, and you’re looking for Proffesional Cleaning Company to remove all the unpleasant debris and dirt, limescale, mold and soap water and prepare it for another night where you’ll relax again.
With a smile on your face from VIP Cleaning London, we’re right outside of your property no matter where you are. We expect you to invite us! On a daily basis, we offer our Cleaning Service in all parts of London.
Our trained professional bathtubs cleaners clean any kind of Bathroom equipments, such as:

  • plastic baths
  • coloured and metal baths
  • glass bath tubs
  • jacuzzi Through our Bathtub Clean Service we’ll take 100% remove of every kind:
  • limescale in the tub, the tiles and taps
  • mold on all surfaces
  • removal of mold from tiles
  • remove soap and shampoo
  • deep cleaning of the soaps and remove hair residues
  • full disinfection
  • deep remove limscale a bathtub


VIP Cleaning London - Deep Bathroom TIles Cleaning Service
Deep Bathroom Tiles Cleaning Service

Tiles are a key part of a sanitary facility in a private home or a commercial establishment. It’s no coincidence that they are at the center of the decoration and style of each room. Because they cover most of the whole space, the lack of regular and deep cleaning may lead to a major problem of accumulation of limescale, mold, soap water, black, dark and orange spots on the surfaces of the tiles and not least a place of any kind of bacteria on your tile.
As you know, all the tiles installed in a sanitary room, bathroom, toilet or other room have a specific thing that cannot be cleaned with any kind of cleaning detergents why it is so easily damaged. Are you also concerned that you will not be able to handle with such a ridiculous and unpleasant task Bathroom tiles Clean?
You can also damage the tiles with a detergents and you need to change them completely, which will cost you a lot more than normal?
Stop worrying and just call us: We from VIP Cleaning London have some of the best teams of Bathroom Tiles Cleaners that operate daily Deep Tiles Cleaning Services of all kinds of sanitary facilities in the Whole London.
Our Bathroom cleaners clean professional all kinds:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Granite tiles
  • Stone/ tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Plastic tiles
  • Fugues of all kinds for tiles

By our service, Tiles Cleaning, we know how to clean professionally and deeply in any kind of tile or fugue placed in your bathroom, toilet or orderly in a commercial establishment.
We use the best cleaning detergents and necessary tools that at 100% eliminate all the bacteria,deep remove limscale a tiles, mold and not least the unwanted smells. For the final as a gift from us full disinfecting of all the tiles in your room and fragrancing. With our Tiles Cleaning Services, we guarantee that your tiles will have a brand- new appearance after the performance of Deep Tiles Cleaning.


VIP Cleaning London - Deep Shower Door Cleaning Service
Deep Shower Door Cleaning Service

The dirty glass in one bathroom of the shower cabin, all glass panels and profiles parts can make any clean bath appear to be a very dirty and disadvantageous place for everyday use. In any home or commercial object, unfortunately, cleaning of the shower glass and its profiles is never as easy as. It is to try to clean with a sponge and a cleaning detergents for glass or a towel.
But as you desire and determination to have in the cleaning of these glass, these pomp places of shampoo, mold and limestone remain over and over again! As you know, these kind of doors cannot be cleaned by any kind of detergents , because there is a danger of damaging them, scratching or mastering them.
That’s why we of VIP Cleaning London have every day one of the top professional and equipped mobile Bathroom cleaners that perform the Deep Shower Glass Clean:
Our cleaning teams are cleaning all kinds:

  • glass doors for the shower
  • bathtubs of glass
  • glass window sills
  • glass screens
  • glass window parvan
  • shower doors for shower cubicles
  • plexiglass doors of baths
  • plastic frame
  • plexiglass parvan
  • metal, aluminium and plastic profiles
  • deep remove limscale

We serve all kinds of commercial establishments, private homes in all of London areas. Provide all necessary preparations and cleaning tools or machines free of charge.

Through our professional Shower Glass Cleaning Service, we ensure that every species will be completely removed:

  • accrued limescale
  • mold
  • orange and black ridiculous
  • soap spots
  • shampoo, conditioner, body lotion

Our Bathroom cleaners in London use one of the best cleaning professional preparations, tools and machines that remove all kinds of buildup on your glass, hinges, handles or a screen/parvan.


VIP Cleaning London - Deep Shower ROom Cleaining Service
Deep Shower Room Cleaning Service

Everyday cleaning your shower cabin, you expect to be fresh and clean.
But do you know that about 10% in every bathing of soap and dirt, conditioner and hair are sticking out all the inside of the walls of your shower? A large proportion of the affected old spots comes back to the surfaces of your body and your shower, where it can attract additional infections, disease and allergy, and not to mention bacteria, mold and limescale.
As long as you haven’t gotten yourself into any kind of infection, I think it’s time you made the Deep Shower room Cleaning. We from VIP Cleaning London offer you our professional cleaning service – Shower Room Cleaning. Our shower cleaners teams with great professionalism will completely remove from your shower every kind of mold, limestone, brown black unpleasant crusts and dirt, and bring back the light and new shades of your glass, tiles, pervases and stands.

What is the Shower Cleaning:

  • deep cleaning Shower Room
  • deep cleaning Shower door
  • deep cleaning Shower tiles
  • removing all kinds of limescale from the shower heads, showers and shower tube?
  • cleaning of soap holders
  • deep remove limscale
  • the removal of mold, limescale and black preforms on the surface of your profiles, doors and tiles
  • cleaning of the siphon / as much as possible inside /
  • polishing all glass doors, shelving, polishing of all the tiles in the shower
  • total disinfection of all the surfaces inshower cabin

If you want extra cleaning we could offer toilet, sink, window or floor around your shower cabin, we’d be happy to help you with our Proffesional Cleaning Service.


VIP Cleaning London - Public Toilets Cleaning Service Company
Public Toilet Cleaning Service

VIP Cleaning London offers all our clients Toilet Public Cleaning Services.
For many years, we have built up professional experience in cleaning all kinds of sanitary facilities –
Washroom Cleaning Services, Disabled Cleaning Services, Toilet Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Toilet Commercial Practices and Bathroom Cleaning Services, Restroom Cleaning Services
Our only goal at Public Port Cleaning is to pay big and professional attention to the 100% hygiene of your sanitary room zone like toilet, seating, sink, tiles, doors, mirrors, sink units, hand dryers.
Our only goal is to make these visitation sites, attractive, friendly, fragrant, desipherable from the top to bottom, and going for positive use for all the residents of London.
We offer the service like One off Cleaning, Regular Cleaning, Daily Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.
We serve all kinds of commercial enterprises, such as Schools, Hospitals, Medical Centres , Bar, Restaurant, Night clubs, Offices, Metro stations, Shops, Fitness Halls, Cleaning public toilets in parks, Sports stadiums toilets and any kind of commercial enterprise. We have a lot of free-trained pre-Mobile toilet cleaners, which serve all areas of London on a daily basis.
In Our Public Cleaning Services, we offer:

  • professional toilet cleaners in all parts of London
  • serve all customers each day, including in festive and official calendar days
  • provide professional detergents and necessary tools / machines / when cleaning your sanitary facilities.
  • all of our toilet cleaners have additional prior training
  • speak English
  • smiling and friendly toward all our clients.

Cleaning all kinds:

  • standard toilets
  • disabled public toilet
  • public toilets
  • communal toilet
  • eko toilet
  • commercial toilet
  • all kinds of toilets for sports facilities, commercial
  • building and private homes


Daily cleaning, disinfection and deep removal of dirt from the surface are a major and important factor in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in every toilet in a commercial area.
We from VIP Cleaning London offer you professional cleaning in your sanitation facility to prevent the accumulation of countless many hidden microbes and bacteria in all invisible parts of your toilets, sinks and countertops.

Our service for the deep cleaning of all kinds of toilets in every sanitation facility ensures that it cleans all invisible areas with accumulated limescales. It will thoroughly disinfect all surfaces such as toilets, urinals and sanitary rooms.
Why is it important to clean your toilet deeply?
We all know that your toilets have to be thoroughly cleaned and decipped all parts of the sanitary facilities. Any facilities for toilets create a lasting impression of a customer’s cleanliness and comfort for your business, even if the rest of the premises are also clean and neat.
It is very unpleasant when there are bad conditions of hygiene and unpleasant smells that may affect the health of your clients and your colleagues in your business.
It is very unpleasant when there are no unhygienic conditions in every private and public toilets. Unsanitary facilities can spread any kind of unwanted disease, unpleasant smells, allergic swelling, which can seriously damage the reputation of all your customers and workers in your business.
When daily use of your Washroom builds up a lot of limescale and toxic salts can accumulate in your sinks, toilets, urinals and pipelines, causing the accumulation of countless too many bacteria to broke/ damage the urinals.
If they are not cleaned daily or monthly with appropriate detergent and disinfectants, microbics, bacteria, scale and other micro-organisms and organic substances that reproduce very easily in this favourable environment shall be initiated. This is because micro-organisms in urine and faeces benefit from the lack of adequate sanitation, making toilets ideal for breeding and distribution.
Our cleaning company with the Deep Cleaning of your toilets will ensure that it eliminates micro-organisms and they will no longer be able to grow and become bigger.
Washroon Cleaning Services includes:

  • deep cleaning and 100% disinfection of all surfaces of your toilet, particularly behind difficult areas.
  • polishing all surfaces Toilet & Washroom Cleaning Service

Our Washroom cleaners are trained professionally in eliminate pollution generated on all bad germs of hard-accessible surfaces, with a single objective to cut the risk of infection and eliminate all unnecessary smells and reduce the risk of potential blockages.
With the help of our Deep Washrroom Cleaning our toilet cleaners will guarantee you high standard of hygiene and positive perception of customers.
When one Washroom is cleaned daily, the life and appearance of the toilets, deep remove limscale a washroom, including floors, washbasins and tiles of the bathroom, surfaces and pipelines from the outside, shall be extended to remove in depth, pollution, spots and unwanted limescale.

Our services for deep toilet cleaning
It is not a coincidence that we of VIP Cleaning London have a number of solutions for cleaning toilets and cleaning services aimed at specific areas in your bathroom that can be treated to your requirements.
We are offering a cleaning of all sorts of Toilets and Washroom in London:

  • we have trained professional toilet cleaners
  • cleaning in every kind of sanitary room, private homes and retail establishments
  • we carry all necessary professional detergents, disinfectants, machines and tools for cleaning free of charge.
  • the friendly to all of our customers
  • we covered all London parts – we have Daily acidic cleaners


For many years, everyone knows that the mold in a bathroom or toilet is very dangerous for all living in your home and also for your health.
If this bacteria does not start to heal from the beginning, it can have a very serious impact, even too deep, on the properties of your bathroom or toilet walls, as well as furniture and structural components, irreparably.
Something much more terrifying is that contact with dead and living spores of mold will lead to various very serious health problems, including by:

  • Random and chronic respiratory distress
  • Mild to severe allergic reactions
  • Lung damage and or asthma attacks
  • Upload file to translate
  • Rashes and skin conditions
  • Autoimmune diseases, etc. That’s why removing a bath and shower mold should be a major concern as soon as you notice the first signs of wet pollution, like mold on the walls or small black dots that each day breed and expand on the walls, tiles, or furniture of your sanitary room.

Professional removal of mould ans deep remove limscale in the bathroom or toilet. Mold and any kind of mould formed on the surfaces of walls or tiles are one of the most feared and widespread problems in all private homes and commercial buildings in all of London.

Medical researchers point out that more than 10% of households in the United Kingdom experience problems with high problems on a daily basis, while commercial and public spaces are not even part of the statistics here.
Not accidentally, bathrooms and toilets are among the most highly infected rooms when it comes to mold and moisture on the walls. If you included ventilation before and during the use of the bathroom or open the window, you may reduce or delay the mould formation on all surfaces and inside of your room.
If you think that cleaning mold in the bathroom is a challenge, it will take a lot of your personal time and finally without any positive results, because it is one of the hardest tasks that can only be performed by a professional cleaner.
I think you’re in the right place, because we from VIP Cleaning London will automatically eliminate your anxieties to restore calm, home environmental comfort and the fully healthy living environment in your family home or commercial establishment.


  • Initial study and sending of photographs of the places affected in your sanitary room.
  • Determination of the type of mould and bacteria formed in the room (extent and severity of the problem).
  • Carefully draw up the necessary cleaning preparation for mold from our microbiologists to remove the mould, black dots or large black spots, proliferating.
  • Sending our cleaners with complete equipment to conduct a professional procedure to remove mold with the latest tools and machines.
  • Safe, effective and not least eco friendly removal of any kind of mould done using non-abrasive chemicals that are safe for humans and the environment
  • You will be very pleased with our professional cleaning company.

Our Bathroom cleaners will remove all kinds of mould from the bathroom ceiling, careful and deep mold treatment from a high-class cleaning preparation for walls, floors, tiles and windows. And not least of aromatherapy your sanitary room no matter where it is.

We from VIP Cleaning London can serve the following properties or commercial premises. Residential houses aren’t the only kind of property we can handle as part of our mold removal service in the bathroom fields. On a daily basis, many of our customers also want to clean up:
Tourist accommodation, hotels, hostels, apartments, rented houses, etc. Various commercial, public and private companies – offices and office buildings, care, hospitals, nursery schools, schools, universities and other commercial and public commercial properties – shopping centres, medical practices, dental practices, restaurants, shops, etc.

VIP Cleaning London is the best agency of Bathroom Cleaning service

With our long standing and professional experience like Bathroom Cleaning agency we are covering almost all London areas.
Our prices are competitive without any additional fees, taxes and commissions.
Through our Proffesional Bathroom Cleaning Services our company is  working with another agencies. They entirely rely on us to clean their premises like Office, Pub , Gym, Retail Outlet, Shopping ,Нospital, Home.
Through Bathroom cleaning service our agency is cleaning all type of Bathrooms , Loo, Shower Room , Restroom, Washroom, Disabled Washrroom, Toilets, Comersial Washroom. We guarantee the highest professional level of cleaning and disinfecting.

Each of you, when let strangers and those who don’t know in at home, is normal to ask a lot of questions. Here’s what you most often ask us:

Do you have professional cleaners?
Our teams are built only by men and women with years of experience, qualified in a specific type of cleaning and pre-checked. Our reputation is important. We are a VIP, so we don’t allow unskilled people or people with bad reputation in our company!

Can you clean the whole bathroom?
Hmm, what a cleaning company are we have if we can’t clean it up 100% ?! Yes, we clean every corner and surface. The final result has always been impressive, and in some cases we have been rewarded with a cup of tea from the happy owners.

Do we have to buy detergents, are they dangerous for us and the surfaces?
Oh, no! They are free and we carry everything! Relax, we are smart enough to use only professional cleaning detergents that will not damage the surfaces. Last but not least, we try to use detergents from the most environmentally friendly class with minimum harmful effects on humans and animals. We treat the mold and strong dirt with very qualified professional detergents which eliminates the use of aggressive materials. Here is the time to provide our new service:

Professional Bathroom Cleaning
If you want cleaning, please let our colleagues know at the beginning or confirm it by @

Do you clean marble and granite?
Of course! Marble and granite are specific type of rocks and the care is special. They can be cleaned without any damages only by right equipment and  detergents. If your bathroom has marble surfaces or elements, let us know /REQUIRED / in advance.

What is it necessary to provide?
We don’t want too much from you. We need a smile and an access to the bathroom at a convenient day and time for you, details are pre-arranged by phone or email. You must remove the towels, rugs, shampoos, brushes and other accessories from the shelves and surfaces beforehand / out of the bathroom.

You broke my shower!
Ahh, this is a very unpleasant situation. But who is guilty?
In order to have no doubts and misuse before cleaning, our cleaner in your presence performs initial inspection of irregularities such as cracked plates, broken faucet, cracked surfaces and so on. If available, these are described carefully in our form. In case there are damages as a result of our activity, we bear the full responsibility and completely remove it at our own expense – we guarantee this!

You missed the grouts!
What a shame! In such a situation we are going to sink into the ground. We may miss it or it could be a misuse. Therefore, dear friends, after completing the cleaning you together with our cleaner can check and if there are any omissions, our colleagues are obliged to remove them. Understandably, after leaving your home, we can’t be held liable and we do not accept objections.


Unpleasant part, of course, but like other services and this is also paid. Of course, we strive to provide you with the lowest possible price and impeccable quality. Our prices vary greatly depending on the number, size and condition of your bathroom.

Call to our teams of call operators and will receiving the best offers. The price that we will be giving is depend on the quantity of the bathrooms, their size, its condition.
Please carefully describe this and take a patience through the phone conversation.
All the necessary supplies, cleaning detergents, tools and equipments are fully free.
Without stress or any issues you will be receiving a brand-new bathroom, because we are the only one professional cleaning company that guarantees 100% professional cleaning services.

If your hair isn’t bruised and you can still breathe, keep reading below.

Sometimes we come to a bathroom that is in a state like a horror movie. So we feel too when we get to the spot. To decrease the shock, especially for us, it is enough to let us know in advance that your bathroom is in a very bad condition.
To find out what a bad state means, see the photo:

Very dirty toilet puke

Sometimes, at the customer’s express urge the bathroom to be cleaned, however, we allow a price increase of 30 to 100% depending on the condition.
But when the situation is critical, then we can’t anything to do except to get your £ 30 compensation and to leave the property.


Our experience has shown that bank transfer and cash payments are the most appropriate, under the following acceptable conditions:
Bank transfer – paid 48 hours before cleaning.
Cash payment – paid on the same day after cleaning.
Regardless of which option you prefer, consult our dispatchers on phone: 02071938444


For your luck, we clean every day, even during the weekends and holidays. We serve all areas of London without exception. It is important you to provide us with a parking space, which is extra paid.

Those of you who have a property to clean outside London within 10 miles pay an extra £ 20 for transportation.

The areas below can be served quickly because we have logistics centers and mobile teams there:

List of covered boroughs

  • East London

  • Barking and Dagenham
  • Bexley
  • Greenwich
  • Hackney
  • Havering
  • Lewisham
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest
  • North London

  • Barnet
  • Enfield
  • Haringey

What is the easiest way to clean a bathroom at home ?


Use the easiest way to deep clean your toilet. Cleaning the toilet is never the most favourable task for any housewife, but with these domestic tricks we offer for deep-cleaning, you can achieve a very good result after cleaning your sanitation facility: – we remove limescale and deep disinfection of all the elemental parts of your toilet!

Use one of the best cleaning products on the toilet. Before you start cleaning your toilet, you are gonna have to buy some efficient products that you can make Deep Toilet Cleaning.

To be sure that after your cleaning has a positive result, you must be sure that you have the following cleaning preparations and disinfectants:

  • White rubber gloves
  • Average size cleaning sponge
  • Spray for deep toilet cleaning. It’s also a disinfectant spray.
  • Soft tissue paper.
  • Microfibre kitchen cloth.
  • A person suitable for this type of cleaning.
  • A mask on the face, suitable for this kind of cleaning.

Once you have purchased these cleaning materials and disinfectants, you have to prepare your toilet for cleaning. Remove all unnecessary objects on the sack like toilet paper, soap or cosmetics near the toilet that would stop you.
That are the first steps to clean the toilet!

Wipe the toilet with wet paper.
Take the wet sponge along with a bowl of hot water in which you put a white vinegar 20% solution and carefully wipe the entire toilet from the outside. You have nothing to worry about using your bowl for such purposes. The vinegar that is in the bowl is completely disinfection it. Cleaning the toilet with vinegar and water will activate the process of degradation of any kind of unpleasant dirt that can accumulate in all parts of your toilet.
The materials you clean will remove all traces of dust, urine, some drops, yellow spots, limestone, which have accumulated on all surfaces of your toilet.
If the cleaner detergent is in a bottle, it opens up to a larger distance from you to make sure that the preparation does not fall into your body. Carefully dispose of the toilet paper and with a fungus insert with voracious movements. Then mop with wet clothes .
The next step is to pay attention to the interior parts of your toilet bowl.
Take your cleaner detergent to clean the toilet and move it slowly beneath the edge of the toilet bowl. Rest assured that your cleaning pen has reached all corners of the toilet. Pour out the detergent carefully and very slowly so that can go down. Be sure that it has been applied uniformly so that the whole contents are covered with a toilet cleaning detergent.
Scrub the toilet carefully by rotating the toilet brush only in a circle spiral at the inner edges. Leave at least two hours of detergents in the toilet to have a positive result and build and remove in depth any dirt such as mold, limescale and divide the mineral deposits. After sufficient time comes the moment when you have to reach the toilet brush, but only with rubber gloves on your hands and a remove your eyes on it.
Use your toilet brush again, putting a toilet cleaner back on again. Turn very carefully and special attention to those areas of small corners and openings that can easily be missed. Now that you’ve rubbed very carefully with a toilet brush and accidentally if you have any more unpleasant spots, then you may have no problem using an additional toilet cleaner and the cleaning method is exactly the same with the brush.
Put in a water cistern a white vinegar or a toilet cleaner detergent. It is desirable that the preparation or white vinegar is kept inside the tank at least two hours. In this way all the accumulated incursions into the water tank will be removed. Put the water in the toilet at least three or four times.
Now that you have scrub well enough with the toilet brush, your toilet bowl is time to rinse it thoroughly. At least a few times. It is desirable that the lid of the toilet bowl be closed. The rinsing will help you and you will be satisfied that you have completely eliminated any kind of unwanted stain like limescale, mold, bacteria that you have built using your brush. So is the treatment that you use to treat a toilet.
Now that you have turn on the water and rubbed with a brush and there is more parts with spots, use the toilet brush again to get rid of the rest of the ridiculous.
Use disinfectant to clean the toilet on the outside. Take your wet towel and carefully wipe the entire toilet. You will be surprised that you have achieved a very good result of your cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the toilet cistern above, underneath and even on the sides. Don’t forget to spray the disinfectant even the water button. There is a lot of bacteria in there! You certainly won’t be pleased to know that you’re touching germs again.
Clean the floor around your toilet with a white vinegar or a preparation containing at least 5% disinfection solution to make sure that floor covering around your toilet is also a nice, clean and disinfection. After long and unpleasant cleaning wash your hands with soap.

Yes, even if you used rubber gloves while cleaning your toilet, you had have to wash your hands and throw away the gloves.

If you don’t want to use a toilet cleaner detergent, here’s another method of removing bacteria, limestone and accumulated stains on your bathroom and toilet.

If you don’t like to use strong and toxic chemicals or cleaning preparations, then there’s another option “organic” ways to clean the toilet. Home cleaning of the toilet with baking soda. A lot of housewives use this kind of bread sauce. Just move it into the inside and the outside in the top of the toilet and leave it to stand for ten minutes.

During that time, the soda will build up any dirt and limescale. Then put gloves on your hands, take a toilet brush, rub gently and in a circle, pouring the soda slowly into the toilet’s surface. Then rinse the toilet at least four times and ready!

Another way to clean the toilet is white vinegar.
To clean your toilet with vinegar, start mixing a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Shake and spray your toilet on the inside and outside.

After spraying the toilet with your vinegar acid solution, leave it to stand for about 10 minutes before wiping it with a dry microfibre cloth.

What time of period do I have to clean my toilet? Whether you use your cleaning detergents or you like another way, alternatives like baking soda or vinegar, one thing you should remove from this article is the need for regular cleansing of the toilet and disinfection! If you leave this kind of cleaning in the background, you’ll have a lot of trouble after a while. We from VIP Cleaning London advise you that you should wipe and clean your toilet quickly after each use. Then you have to do a cleaning as described above on a weekly basis. If you don’t have the time to spend time cleaning your bathroom and toilet we from VIP Cleaning London, we are available with many teams in London who can replace one of your daily tasks.


The dirty glass in the shower of the shower and glass panels and shaped parts of a shower can make any clean bath appear to be a dirty and unfavourable place of bathing. In any home or commercial object, unfortunately, cleaning the shower glass and its profiles is not as easy as it is to try to clean with a sponge and a cleaning detergents for glass or cloth. But as much desire and attention to have in the cleaning of these glass, these stains of shampoo, mold and limescale remain dirty again and you don’t have a chance!
Here’s a tip from VIP Cleaning London, how can you clean the glass doors and walls of your shower or shower?
First you should wet the glass with cold water with the shower head. Take a bottle with a shower detergent with the sprayer and spray the smudges. Another option you can do will be:
Take an empty bottle of filling a spray bottle of white vinegar and water 50 / 50 and inject deep into all the glass surfaces. It’s nice to put a mask on your face. Let the vinegar soak stay for at least 15 minutes. Depending on any accumulated filth, leave it to soak longer if there is a significant accumulation of mold, limescale or soap water.
Get a smooth sponge for wash dishes and just soda for bread on it and rub gently and slowly. The bread soda acts as an abrasive to remove undesirable spots until the vinegar dissolves any kind of limescale or soap. After you scrub the glass carefully and looking very clean, rinse them thoroughly with cold water.
Take a microfibre towel for glass using a cleaning detergent and wipe the glass, including towel and soap hangers.
Necessary tools for cleaning shower glass: A bottle of spray Scrabbling Sponge White vinegar Baking soda
Cleaning detergents for glass Microfibre cloths
Maintenance of the cleanliness of the shower glass. The best way to keep the glass clean in your bathroom is if after each bathing you dry it immediately with microfibre cloth.

One of the best preventive measures you can take: Always hold microfibre cloth near the shower to be handy every day and don’t forget every time you wipe the glass pretty well after a shower.
Every time you use your sanitation facility, don’t forget that you have to clean up the rest of your bathroom.
If you accidentally missed something, please return to our bathroom cleaning page to learn how to clean the shower, toilet, sink and etc. Dear customers,
if you can’t handle cleaning your shower and still have more unpleasant smell, limescale or blemishes, we from VIP Cleaning London will help you by sending our professional Bathroom cleaners into your private home or commercial establishment. Do not hesitate to call us and invite us to your property to return the light colours of your glass panels.

The bathroom is the room where your family’s day begins and ends.
But because of the great moisture and heat, the bathroom is the greatest and favorite refuge of all kinds of bacteria and germs. They are dangerous and risky to your health.
Every day you wonder how to banish them from your bathroom.It may sounds strange, but it ‘s a fact that the room you care about for your hygiene is always with dirty plots.
But if you don’t take some time, you risk the development of health problems and unforeseeable costs of repairing your bathroom.
VIP Cleaning London advises you to clean the bathroom once a week, and if you’re a multi-person family on every two days.Keep in mind that the bacteria form very quickly and are everywhere – on the taps, around the toilet, the bathtub, the feet of the tiles, even the toilet paper and the head of the shower.That’s why these supposedly invisible bacteria cause a smell in your bathroom. Even if you add addition of several fragrances, it remains.
So clean up your bathroom regularly, or call us. We have professional bathroom equipment and cleaning supplies.

Come out the bacteria from the shower

The morning shower and a cup of strong coffee are a guaranteed good start for a good day, a fresh and energy day in London.But dear customers and our long-standing partners, you know that the shower is the biggest bacteria incubator. They can fall on you with the moment you turn the crane, they disperse into the air, even after the shower stops.You know, the bacteria in the shower are 100 times more than those contained in the water. The good news is that people with a good immune system are at risk. But pregnant, people with weak immune systems and adults are in another risk group.Symptoms you may have in swallowed bacteria are coughing, bad breath, fatigue.
To reduce the presence of bacteria in your bathroom, it’s best to change plastic shower with metal. Clean his holes with a toothbrush and a needle to remove the accumulated limescale. From time to time, put a hot jet of water and remember to towel the shower.

Sink cleaning

The sink in a bathroom or a toilet is the biggest outbreak of bacteria, because there’s a lot of dirt in it. Clean it on a daily with a soft paper towel or a towel.With very hot water and detergent, rub out the contaminants and remove the pumps in the sink (soap or toothpaste).
Then apply the cleaning detergent and wait approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Then rinse the sink with hot water.Dry again everywhere.
Please note and wash the soap dishes, toothbrushes holders and all places where water can be collected, even the stoppers of cranes.

Deep cleaning of the bath tub

The new models are mainly of porcelain (or a combination of porcelain and other).
This requires particular attention in cleaning them.
Always use abrasive or liquid preparations not to damage the coating.Use and wear suitable gloves, clean well all parts of the tub, remember to collect all deposits in the drain.

Cleaning of tiles and fugues

A huge amount of bacteria gather in the tile and fugue, and moisture is conducive to mold. It becomes a vector of harmful micro-organisms.Every time you clean the tiles or the fugue use a rubber brush, a clean sponge and a disinfectant.Dissolve the disinfectant in water and put in a pulveriser, allow it to stand for at least 2-3 hours. That’s how he works well on them.
Then wipe with a sponge and dry them.

The bacteria on the curtains in the bathroom

The shower curtain is a very good source of bacteria, because it forms moisture and becomes mold.It is desirable to wash it weekly in the washing machine with 2-3 large towels, and do not forget laundry detergent.After washing the curtain, it’ll look like a new, take her to the place, and release ventilation to rob the moisture, the heat, and the steam from the next future showers.

Toilet cleaning

Cleaning your toilet is one of your daily chores. They kill bacteria completely. Put gloves on first, then place the disinfectant into the interior and exterior of the toilet bowl.Allow the disinfectant to operate for 20 minutes, rub with a brush, and fly abundant in hot water.
One piece of advice, never combine different types of cleaning detergents.Toxic gases may be emitted or enamel on the toilet.A rich range of bath detergents is sold commercially, but VIP cleaning London has trained teams at a professional level who will be happy to clean and disinfect your bathroom. And don’t forget. There’s a lot of cleaning companies, but we’re the best.

Flat and House Cleaning


“VIP CLEANING LONDON” LTD offers you professional help in the cleaning of your house or flat. We have teams with professional cleaners with a vast experience and a qualification for impeccable and quality cleaning! You no longer need to waste your free time for difficult and repetitive tasks.
Our cleaners are here for you and we will remove completely from your tasks’ list the work that tortures you and you can spend your time on more enjoyable things.
For quality cleaning of a standard flat or house you need to spend too much time, and in some cases it may be a severe and impossible task for the most hosts. Usually the cleaning time varies by many indicators, but the main ones are:

  • The size of the flat or house
  • Is it furnished or not
  • Which adjacent parts of the home you want to be cleaned
  • The condition of the flat/house

We present you a detailed description of the way we clean the main rooms and furniture, as well as the prices and conditions for cleaning.
We perform professional cleaning of the following spaces and furnishing in flats and houses:


Flat kitchen cleaning London Before After

  • All work surfaces
  • Kitchen cabinets – external and internal cleaning
  • Extraction of the filter and removing the deposited fats
  • Oven – external and internal cleaning / removing of fats and tanned nutrients
  • Cleaning of electrical countertops, gas stove
  • Cleaning of taps, sink, removing of limestone and disinfection
  • Dishwasher – external and internal cleanup + disinfection
  • Washing machine – external and internal cleanup + disinfection
  • Refrigerator – external and internal cleanup + disinfection (If you want 100% clean refrigerator, please, unplug it 48 hours before the cleaning session and take out all the food from it )
  • Microwave – external and internal cleaning
  • External cleaning of the basket
  • Cleaning of windows and frames
  • Cleaning of table and chairs, and disinfection

Kitchen cleaning house London - Before After


We fulfill a complete external and internal deep cleaning of the bathroom and removing the limestone and disinfection as follows:

  • Sink
  • Soap dispenser
  • Cupboards
  • Mirrors
  • Ventilation
  • Shower battery
  • Shower hose
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Jacuzzi
  • Tiles
  • Cleaning of switches and sockets
  • Thorough cleaning of doors
  • Floor – vacuum cleaning, mopping and disinfection
  • Removing of cobwebs

House cleaning Londo - Bathroom Before After

Flat House Cleaning London

Bedrooms and common rooms

  • Cabinets – external and internal cleaning
  • Showcases, dressing tables, paintings
  • Dedusting of lighting
  • Home TV equipment
  • Windows and frames are cleaned only internally (by the customer wish we can fulfill an external cleaning. See more about this service – Windows Cleaning
  • Dedusting of interior blinds
  • Vacuum cleaning of curtains, carpets, mattresses, beds – beneath and behind (it is if possible)
  • Cleaning of skirting
  • Thorough cleaning of doors

For 100% refreshing and thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture or carpets you can use our additional services Carpet Steam Cleaning and Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Flat House Cleaning London


The time and cost of the cleaning vary by the following key indicators:

  • Size of the property
  • Whether you want a priority cleanup
  • Whether your home is furnished or not
  • Whether you live in or leave your home

Price for flat & house cleaning


* Regardless of your address it is required you to provide a parking space for our company vehicles or to provide Permit Holders
** These prices are valid for all areas of London.
*** There is an extra charge only for London Central Zone – Congestion charge от £11.90


When the property is in a very bad condition and we are not informed in advance, VIP Cleaning London reserves the right:

– to cancel the service for which the customer is obliged to pay £30 – a cancelation fee;
– to increase the hours  announced at the inquiry for  Flat Cleaning Service

In order to specify all the details on operating the service – date, time, price, etc., please contact us by phone or email.

Dear customers and our regular friends, keep in mind if you want us to provide with the professional and cleaning tools you need, such as vacuum cleaner, mop, professional microfibres clothes and other cleaning products/detergents.
When you making a reservation at the beginning, please discuss it with our call operators.


The payment can be done in the following two ways:

  • Bank transfer – 48 hours before the service. (Bank details will be provided)
  • Cash payment – on the same day after cleaning or pre-payment or at an office of the company on request.

After the payment we can send you an INVOICE to your email address or to a physical address.


“VIP Cleaning London” LTD has mobile staffs of cleaners, ready to reach anywhere in London in the shortest possible time. We have flexible working hours, we  work both at the weekends and during the holidays.

We clean houses and flats in all areas of London!






Please, note that in the areas, listed below, we have logistics centers. As a result, the flats in these areas can be served as soon as possible!

Logistics centers of VIP Cleaning London:

W6 – Hammersmith, Ravenscourt Park, Stamford Brook
W10 – Latimer Road
NW10 – Willesden Junction, Stonebridge Park, Kensal Rise, Harlesden
W8 – High Street Kensington
NW2 – Willesden Green
NW4 – Hendon Central
N19 – Upper Holloway
N15 – Turnpike Lane, Seven Sisters, South Tottenham
E2 – Hoxton, Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath
SE16 – Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Bermondsey, Surrey Quays
SE11 – Kennington
WC2 – Westminster, Embankment, Charing Cross, Leicester Square
SW11 – Clapham Junction

For Flat Cleaning Service outside the city of London there is an additional charge for transport cost. For more information contact us.

Windows Cleaning

Windows Cleaning Service London

To us the customer is always on the first place and we strive to deliver a service that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. When you call us to clean the windows at home, you can expect only the best quality results at affordable prices for all of London.

Why to choose our service:
– We clean all types of glass
– We guarantee 100% satisfaction
– We use ECO (non-toxic) materials
– We offer low prices
– We haven’t got any hidden or extra charges
– We respect your schedule and wishes
– We have flexible working hours even during the weekends, public holidays and Bank Holidays.

The life in the big city has its advantages and disadvantages. Along with the diverse and interesting places for fun, come the dust and the huge amount of dirt and that accumulates on windows and window frames. Anyone who has tried to wash oneself windows is aware that satisfactory results are being achieved difficulty and not for a long time. Then why don’t you leave this annoying and labor-intensive duty to VIP CLEANING LONDON specialists?

Just call us and our professional Windows Cleaner will do all this to make your windows crystal clear from top to bottom, and when we clean outdoors, you don’t have to be present. The service is suitable for homes and offices, for many types of windows and glass constructions, including single and double windows, roof windows, window frames, a conservatory or a winter garden. If you want to clean the sills and panels, please consult while booking.

We use Professional Windows Cleaning System for perfect results!

Windows Cleaning is done by professional and qualified cleaning teams to achieve the best possible result. For the perfect cleaning for shining windows and window frames we from VIP CLEANING LONDON use a professionally equipped machine and specially distilled water.


As our equipment is bulky (compressors, pressure systems, extensions, tanks with detergents and distilled water, cables, spraying pumps and other auxiliaries) we have a minibus for their transport. Therefore, our requirement is you to provide us with a parking space no more than 25-30 meters from the cleaned object.

Windows Cleaning London

Frequently asked questions:

How long will the Windows Cleaning service take?
-This depends on the number and size of windows and how dirty are they.

Which floor outside can we clean your windows?
-For now, we can do it only to the 5th floor.

Windows Cleaning London


Due to the specificity of each cleaning area, it is important for us to learn more about the specific features of the site – quadrature, surface, height, degree of dirt, and so on. If necessary, our specialist can check in advance. This will allow us to give accurate information and we will calculate the best price.

Ask for our services by sending your inquiry online or contacting us on the phones listed.

– For properties and offices in Central London, you must pay for Congestion charge £12
– For customers outside of London (up to 10 miles), there is an extra charge of £20 for transport cost.
– We refuse to clean the windows when you haven’t provided a parking space and / or the windows are above the 5th floor. If you haven’t informed us in advance, you must pay us £30.

Please, when you contact our consultants, give us maximum information in order we to be useful and to give you 100% perfect result of our service.


The payment can be done in the following two ways:
• Bank transfer – 48 hours before the service. (Bank details will be provided)
• Cash payment – on the same day after cleaning or pre-payment or at an office of the company on request.
After the payment we can send you an INVOICE to your email address or to a physical address.


VIP CLEANING LONDON has a huge number of mobile teams across all areas:

With logistics centers in the following areas:
As a result, these areas can be served as quickly as possible by our teams

W6-Hammersmith, Ravenscourt Park, Stamford Brook
W10-Latimer Road
NW10-Willesden Junction, Stonebridge Park, Kensal Rise, Harlesden
W8-High Street Kensington
NW2-Willesden Green
NW4-Hendon Central
N19-Upper Holloway
N15-Turnpike Lane, Seven Sisters, South Tottenham
E2-Hoxton, Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath
SE16-Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Bermondsey, Surrey Quays
WC2-Westminster, Embankment, Charing Cross, Leicester Square
SW11- Clapham Junction


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After Builders Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning London

No matter the type of your property – flat, house or office building, any renovation like decoration, painting or changing windows, flooring, repairing in the kitchen or bathroom is a process accompanied by the awful accumulation of dust, dirt and other construction waste.
Almost everyone has encountered the problem when builders or craftsmen finish their job and leave the care for cleaning after repair behind. The basic cleaning after repair or after new construction is the last but most important step before you move in. We all know that the cleaning requires not only water and towel, but special tools, detergents, machines and a lot of TIME!
How much time do you need to clean yourself – a day, two or a week?

That’s why we from VIP Cleaning offer the service Professional After Builders Cleaning, which will save you a lot of nerves and time, and the final result will be more than what you have imagined.

After Building Cleaning London

Cleaning after builders or construction mainly includes the following activities:

  • machine cleaning of soft floors and others – deep cleaning of carpets, sofas, mattresses, curtains (treatment of stains and stubborn dirt).
  • cleaning of hard flooring (granite, marble, terracotta, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • complete dust removal of equipment
  • cleaning of railings, staircases and walls
  • machine cleaning of soft flooring
  • deep cleaning of bathrooms, terraces
  • washing and polishing of windows and window frames.
  • vacuuming and removing of mites from upholstered furniture, mattresses and carpets.
  • cleaning of furniture – removal of dust and other dirt
  • removing stickers, paint, latex from windows.

We do a complete cleaning of the rooms “turnkey”!


We are proud to provide our services only on a professional level to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. Our professional cleaners are fully trained and caring to the property they are entrusted with. Our advantages are:
– our cleaners are long-time employees checked and proven in the field
– we offer flexible pricing and maximum low prices
– we do cleaning even on holidays
– we use high-end ECO cleaning materials with low or zero side emissions!

After Builders Cleaning of the kitchen mainly includes the following:

    • cleaning and polishing all cabinets and drawers / top, outside, inside / removing of fats, dust, stains, scars and fingerprints
    • * cleaning the refrigerator and freezer / internal and external /
    • cleaning the washing machine / drawer, rubber seal ,door and disinfection /
    • dishwasher /internal and external/ and disinfection
    • cleaning the microwave / internal and external /
    • oven cleaning /internal and external/
    • cleaning of electric hobs and gas hobs
    • cleaning of cranes, sinks, lime removal, disinfection and polishing
    • cleaning the doors and crates from top to bottom
    • cleaning the fan and hood
    • cleaning the skirting
  • vacuuming and mopping.

* In order to clean professionally the refrigerator or freezer it is necessary 48 hours before the cleaning you to turn it off and get out the food and drinks from it.

After Builders Cleaning of bath / toilet mainly includes:

  • deep cleaning of the toilet and lid, disinfection
  • removing the dust and dirt from the top of the walls, ventilation openings, wall protrusions.
  • cleaning the sinks, sanitary faience, toilet bowls, accessories, etc.
  • wiping the dust and dirt from all horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • removing the dust and wash bases
  • disinfection and polishing the radiator, dressing table
  • polishing the mirrors
  • cleaning, removing limestone, disinfecting and polishing a shower, bathtub or jacuzzi
  • vacuuming the ventilation system
  • hoovering and mopping

After Builders Cleaning of the bedroom mainly includes:

  • wiping and polishing the frames, paintings, fasteners
  • cleaning the radiators
  • removing the cobwebs
  • hoovering behind and under the bed (if possible)
  • cleaning the windows and windows frames only inside. If you want to clean the windows outside, you can use our service: Windows Cleaning
  • vacuum cleaning of curtains, mattresses, backrests on the beds, carpets
  • cleaning of skirting
  • cleaning the switches and removing fingerprints
  • hoovering and mopping everywhere

At your request, we can perform internal cleaning and polishing of drawers and wardrobes but you must inform us in advance.

After Builders Cleaning of living rooms and common areas:

  • cleaning the radiators
  • cleaning, polishing, disinfection the table chairs
  • cleaning and polishing the TV equipment
  • vacuum cleaning the an armchair, sofa, pillow
  • moving all furniture / if possible /
  • cleaning the skirting
  • de-dusting the indoor blinds
  • internal cleaning of windows, window frames, sills
  • cleaning the switches and removing stains
  • cleaning the corridor and staircase
  • cleaning the skirting
  • cleaning all types of rails
  • cleaning of flight of stairs
  • removing cobwebs
  • removing the dust from lighting fixtures
  • cleaning and polishing mirrors
  • hoovering and mopping

Price for After Building Cleaning:

The time and cost of cleaning strongly vary from many factors, but the main ones you must consider are:
– whether you live in the property
– size of the property
– number of rooms, bathrooms (toilets, bathrooms)
– whether your property is furnished or not
– whether you want to clean external parts
– whether you want complete cleaning.


If you want to provide your own detergents and cleaning materials, please contact our associate.
Please note that our cleaners do not throw away large garbage or other bulky building material!

In case that your property is in an extremely bad condition and you haven’t informed us in advance, it is completely likely we to fulfill one of these actions:
– to refuse the service and you must pay us £ 30 compensation;
– the hours of cleaning can be increased to achieve the required result.

Dear customers and our regular friends, keep in mind if you want us to provide with the professional and cleaning tools you need, such as vacuum cleaner, mop, professional microfibres clothes and other cleaning products/detergents.
When you making a reservation at the beginning, please discuss it with our call operators.

In case that you still insist your home to be cleaned regardless of the bad condition we will charge you double price!
In order we to be as useful as possible for you, contact us for further information on the phone 020 71 938 444 or email address


The payment can be done in the following two ways:

  • Bank transfer – 48 hours before the service. (Bank details will be provided)
  • Cash payment – on the same day after cleaning or pre-payment or at an office of the company on request.

After the payment we can send you an INVOICE to your email address or to a physical address.


VIP CLEANING LONDON has a huge number of mobile teams across all areas:


For clients residing in central London, there is an additional CONGESTION CHARGE – £ 12.

For clients outside the city of London there is an extra charge of £20 for transport cost.

Securing parking or permits for our service cars is a must.

We have logistics centers in the areas listed below. These areas can be serviced as quickly as possible from our staffs.
N7 – Caledonian Road, Holloway Road
NW3- Swiss Cottage, Finchley Road, West Hampstead, Finchley Road & Frognal, Belsize Park, Chalk Farm
W5- Hanger Lane, Park Royal, Ealing Broadway, Ealing Common, South Ealing
SW6 – Fulham Broadway, Putney Bridge, Imperial Wharf
SW12 – Balham
SE14- New Cross, New Cross Gate
E3 – Mile End, Bromley-by-Bow, Dovens Road
N16- Rectory Road, Stamford Hill
N22- Wood Green
NW1-Regents Park, Warren Street, Marylebone, Baker Street, Great Portland Street
W2- Bayswater, Hyde Park Corner
EC2 – Moorgate, Liverpool Street