Bathroom cleaning & Toilet cleaning

Do you like cleaning your bathroom? No? We will do it for you!

All the germs, bacteria, stains, limestone and moulds will be gone in no time. The complete disinfection and polish we do is by the use of only professional high quality cleaning materials, which do not harm the surfaces, but only help them shine as new. All stains and spots will be precisely removed from your bathroom – the bathtubs, showers, sinks, windows, mirrors will be shining bright, the toilet will be deep cleaned. Voila! All done quick, discreet, with care and at a very competitive prices!
Call us today to make your bathroom problems go away!
All shiny, clean, disinfected – this is our bathroom motto.
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We cover all London areas 24/7 and are proud of our clients keep using our services and recommending us.

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Bathroom Cleaning £45

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