Leather Sofa Upholstery Cleaning Service London

Before / After Leather Sofa Cleaning
Before / After Leather Sofa Cleaning
Leather Sofa Cleaning Service
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The leather furniture in a family home could be the greatest luxury, expensive furniture that always stands out first when your guests and relatives visit you.
Different types of leather require different cleaning methods and we strongly recommend to our customers to avoid cleaning with household detergents. They could destroy and discolor your expensive upholstery. Do not risk damaging your leather furniture, call us instead. Better safe than sorry!Choose VIP Cleaning London because we can offer to you dear customers professional advice, expertise technic, safe and professional cleaning of your leather sofas or other kind of leather furniture. Top-level service without any risk of damage or color changes.
Trust our professional teams to clean your favorite fabrics and expensive leather furniture.
When we perform the service Leather Sofa Cleaning our technics will remove stains, deeply penetrated bacteria, odors, mites, while protecting the skin of your valuable furniture. We will return the shine of your favorite leather furniture with one single purpose on our side, we take care of extending the life of furniture in which you will avoid a high replacement cost. Your leather sofa or other upholstered furniture will be as new again, because they make up the charm and class of your interior.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Service Process

  • check if the leather is damaged or treated with household detergents
  • check the leather furniture for stains, odors, mold and dust
  • before we start working, we will try to make a small sample of the skin whether its structure and color will withstand cleaning

Various manufacturers and types of leather might require different methods and may vary in withstanding. Our company ensures that absolutely no damage will be done.

Your sofa will be cleaned on all sides with a vacuum cleaner to remove all the solids, fibers, dust behind the folds and under the pillows. Then, the skin surface is treated with detergents, then will be removed using a special skin disinfectant and a microfiber cloth.

Before you rush to enjoy your as new sofa, double check for any omissions.
With great professionalism our Leather Sofa Cleaning Service is done so that you will 100% satisfied. We value your favorite leather furniture and our main goal is to deliver the best so that you’re happy to come back to our company in future even for another type of cleaning service. A large percent of customers are incredibly satisfied with us and continue to use our services. We have no doubt you would be excited to see the brilliant transformation of your sofa/home delivered by us.
We at VIP Cleaning London are able to effectively take care of any type of sofa cleaning requests. Our team are well trained, specialized and have experience in this highly technical field. We constantly update our working methods so that we can 100% identify skin type, damage and treat with a suitable detergent and disinfectant. .We never fail to achieve excellence, whether single-faced, double-faced, single-colored, multi-colored, artificial or natural leather.
Book us in advance and you’ll gain comfort and coziness in your family home. Our entire sofa cleaning service is done on site and uses the latest and most professional detergents and disinfectants.

Dear customers, when we clean your furniture- we do not move or disassemble your sofas.
Main factors that damage the leather upholstery:
– regular treatment with inappropriate detergents which is not irreversible. Regular treatment with an inappropriate chemicals will most likely result in brittleness and peeling on the skin’s surface.
We at VIP Cleaning London offer reliable and affordable solutions for people who are looking for the best services.


Incl.VAT, minimum charge £80
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