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It is very important thing for the working place of your employees to be clean and fresh so they can work in calm pleasant environment focusing on their tasks. We are your invisible helpers ensuring this will happen. With deep care we will:
– sweep and mop the floors
– clean windows, window frames and shades
– clean leather upholstery
– remove dust from all surfaces
– empty trash bins
– disinfect electrical equipment, light switches, door knobs, handles
– complete clean the restrooms incl. refill dispensers, toilet paper, paper towels
– clean the staff rooms
Ensure your clean and pleasant work place today at tel:020-7193-8444

OFFICE CLEANING £14 /Min 3 hrs /excl. VAT/
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Office Cleaning Services The keen maintenance of perfect office hygiene creates a positive feeling for every visitor, employee, client. Purity is a state of habitat that penetrates into the psyche, shapes attitudes, determines relationships, influences decisions, creates positive emotions, implies conditions for the company to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. To do this, you need […]

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